Students review verbs and their classifications, distinguishing between an action verb and a linking verb. Students learn to distinguish between a transitive and an intransitive verb, and learn to identify direct objects and indirect objects. Students will also distinguish between predicate nouns and predicate adjectives in sentences with linking verbs. New terminology is introduced for helping verbs, and verb tense is reviewed.  

What you can expect to learn

  • Recognize a verb and determine whether it is transitive or intransitive. 
  • Recognize direct and indirect objects. 
  • Identify linking verbs, predicate nouns, and predicate adjectives. 
  • Identify and correctly use auxiliaries (helping verbs). 
  • Understand the principal parts of regular verbs. 
  • Identify verbs as past-, present-, or future-tense. 
  • Understand and identify verbs as present perfect, past perfect, and future perfect.
Activity List