Students review the difference between action and linking verbs. Sentence patterns are used to reinforce an understanding of sentence structure. Students will identify patterns with linking verbs, predicate nouns, and predicate adjectives. Sentences with the S-V and S-V-DO pattern are also studied. Students will practice choosing helping verbs that agree with the subject.  

What you can expect to learn

  • Distinguish action verbs from linking verbs. 
  • Identify sensory verbs and forms of be used as linking verbs.
  • Identify the predicate noun or predicate adjective to which the subject is linked by the verb. 
  • Identify prepositional phrases. 
  • Label sentence patterns S-LV-PA and S-LV-PN. 
  • Define and identify direct objects. 
  • Label sentence patterns with action verbs and direct objects. 
  • Distinguish main verbs from helping verbs. 
  • Identify the form of the helping verb that agrees with the subject. 
  • Use all forms of be with singular and plural subjects in sentences.
Activity List