Chapter 04: Budgeting


Disposable income is defined as gross pay minus the tithe and income taxes withheld. Basic budgets are introduced as well as line items calculated as a percent of disposable income. Annual budgets are made based on income and expenses, then scaled down to monthly budgets. Adjusting the budget for unexpected expenses and revising the budget for the coming year based on the previous year’s experience are included.

What you can expect to learn

After this chapter you should be able to
1. plan dollar expenditures based on recommended percents from a standarized budget.
2. set up a yearly budget given income, expenditures, and family size.
3. scale an annual budget down to monthly and weekly budgets.
4. balance a budget to account for shortages in available money for some items.
5. revise the planned expenditures for the next year, month, or week based on past experience.

Activity List