Whole Numbers


This chapter reviews whole numbers. After reviewing the four basic operations, students will review comparing, rounding, and estimating. The chapter also covers properties of numbers, exponents, and square roots, and closes with a discussion of the order of operations.

What you can expect to learn

After completing these activities you should be able to

  1. Convert between standard, word, and expanded forms of whole numbers; to compare and order whole numbers; and to round whole numbers to a designated place value.
  2. Add and subtract whole numbers.
  3. Estimate sums and differences using rounding or front-end estimation.
  4. Multiply and divide whole numbers.
  5. Estimate products and quotients using rounding, front-end estimation, and compatible numbers.
  6. Match number properties to examples of those properties, and be able to multiply by a multiple of a power of ten.
  7. Simplify expressions containing exponents.
  8. Simplify expressions containing square roots.
  9. Simplify numerical expressions using the order of operations.
Activity List