Capítulo 11: El mundo contemporáneo


This chapter focuses on the modern world and presents informal commands (including those with indirect object pronouns). Audio files include descriptions of seasons and weather; activities with current-event vocabulary, informal commands, and sentence types; dialogues using indirect object pronouns; and pronunciation practice (diphthongs with i, as well as the -m and -ma cognate families).

What you can expect to learn

  • talk about news and current events
  • talk about holidays and local events
  • talk about the weather and seasons
  • express to whom or for whom something is done
  • identify facts related to Paraguay and Uruguay
  • compare and contrast Paraguay and Uruguay
  • talk about technology
  • make requests and give instructions to others
  • describe the role of technology in the Hispanic world
  • compare and contrast God’s omniscience, justice, and goodness with the ungodliness and self-righteousness of human beings

Capitulo 11 Audio Files

Activity List