Relations and Functions


This chapter begins with some basic information about graphing points in the coordinate plane and about relations and functions. Students will learn about how graphs of functions are created. The chapter concludes with sections on direct and inverse variations and the graphs of absolute value functions.

What you can expect to learn

After completing these activities you should be able to

  1. Identify the quadrant or axis where an ordered pair is located.
  2. Identify the domain and range of a relation, determine whether that relation is a function, and find function values.
  3. Answer questions relating to the graphs of relations and functions.
  4. Find ordered pairs of a given function, and be able to find the corresponding function rule when given a table of values.
  5. Determine whether given data represents a direct or an inverse variation, find the function rule for that data, and use the function rule to find other values.
  6. Find ordered pairs of a given absolute value function, and be able to answer questions about the translations of absolute value functions.
Activity List