After an initial review of circle-related terms encountered earlier, additional terminology is introduced. Arc length and arc measure are both covered. A variety of theorems, many with proofs, relating to circles are also covered. Four more constructions, the last ones introduced in the textbook, are presented to students.

What you can expect to learn

After completing these activities you should be able to

  1. Define and apply terms related to circles.
  2. Find the lengths of radii, chords, and related segments in congruent circles.
  3. Prove and apply properties of tangents to a circle.
  4. Determine the measures and lengths of arcs from central and inscribed angles.
  5. Find the perimeters of sectors and segments.
  6. Prove and apply the relationships between intercepted arcs and the angles formed by the intercepting tangents or secants.
  7. Construct a circle through three points, regular polygons, and other figures related to circles.
  8. Write the standard-form equation of a circle.
Activity List