Chapter 07: Transportation


Costs of owning and operating a car and costs per mile by vehicle type are delineated in this chapter. Necessary budget amounts are found based on mileage and vehicle type. Comparison shopping, especially on the internet, is recommended. The advantages of saving in advance and paying cash are shown, and monthly payments are calculated for financing. Payments for  different lengths of time for the same loan are compared. Accumulated depreciation and average annual depreciation are found. The cost of buying a used car with an independent mechanic’s inspection is determined. Leasing costs are calculated, and residual values and mileage penalties are found. The cost of liability, collision, and comprehensive insurance is calculated with age and accident surcharges and premium discounts. Gas mileage and the costs of gas, tires, and oil are calculated. Scheduled maintenance and repair costs, including labor charges by the hour, are calculated.

What you can expect to learn

After this chapter you should be able to
1. distinguish between the costs of owning and the costs of operating an automobile.
2. calculate the monthly payment for a car given the down payment and financing terms.
3. find the depreciation on various automobiles over time.
4. determine the cost to lease a particular model of automobile over a specific lease time, including down payment, estimated residual value, and any charges for excessive mileage.
5. calculate the cost of gas, oil, and tires over the estimated life of a car.

Activity List