Capítulo 12: El mundo profesional


This chapter focuses on professions and job interviews while reviewing grammar concepts learned throughout the course. Audio files include descriptions of occupations and interests, questions for the student, an interview dialogue, a description of Madrid, a dialogue planning a trip, and pronunciation practice (diphthongs with u, as well as cognate verbs).

What you can expect to learn

  • talk about jobs
  • describe characteristics and conditions of people and places
  • describe the conflict between the criollos and the gauchos during the revolution period in Argentina
  • fill out a job application
  • narrate in the present time frame on a range of topics related to daily life and experience
  • make requests and give instructions to others
  • identify ways that Spanish can be beneficial in possible careers
  • explain the importance of loving one’s neighbor and give examples of how that can be accomplished in daily life
  • explain how a person can be saved

Capitulo 12 Audio Files

Activity List