Capítulo 05: Cuando estoy en casa


This chapter focuses on the house and chores. Students will learn present progressive verbs, estar with prepositions of location, and interrogative words. Audio files include a description of a house; practice with locations, actions in progress, and chores; an interview; and pronunciation exercises (the consonants r and rr as well as the -ous/-oso cognate family).

What you can expect to learn

  • describe your house
  • describe the locations of people, objects, and animals
  • describe daily household chores
  • talk about what people are doing at the current moment
  • ask basic questions to learn additional information
  • identify important facts about the Spanish-speaking countries of Central America
  • describe basic characteristics of Hispanic houses and compare them with housing in your native culture
  • describe God’s compassion toward human beings

Capitulo 05 Audio Files

Activity List