Capítulo 08: En el restaurante


Students learn stem-changing verbs (o-ue and e-i) and the verb gustar with indirect object pronouns. Audio files include dialogues, voice messages, and other practice with food and restaurant vocabulary; an interview about meals in Peru and Spain; questions about activities and preferences; and pronunciation practice with s, c, and z as well as the s-/es- cognates.

What you can expect to learn

  • identify foods
  • discuss your food preferences
  • describe typical meals and mealtimes in your own culture
  • compare and contrast typical meals and mealtimes of your own culture with those of Hispanic cultures
  • identify important people, places, and facts related to Peru
  • evaluate biblically the treatment of indigenous cultures in the Peruvian government, Western powers, and foreign missionaries
  • talk about eating out
  • order food at a restaurant
  • discuss likes and dislikes
  • compare and contrast God’s justice with the unrighteousness of human beings

Capitulo 08 Audio Files

Activity List