Capítulo 02: El estudiante nuevo


Chapter 2 focuses on helping the students talk about school. They follow Juan through his first day of school as Itzel helps him settle in. In this chapter the students describe people and places at school. They describe their school facilities as well, and identify the people who work there. They also discuss subjects, schedules, and time. In addition, the students compare subjects and teachers, express obligations, and suggest ideas.

What you can expect to learn

• Describe people and places at school.
    School personnel
    School facilities
    The verbs tener and hay
    Definite and indefinite articles
• Compare your schedule with someone else’s.
    Present progressive tense
    School subjects
    Telling time and using the numbers 1–100
    Comparisons and superlatives
• Express your tasks and obligations.
    Expressing obligation or necessity with tener que, necesitar, and deber
    Expressing obligation or necessity for the future with ir a + infinitivo
• Make suggestions about school-related activities.
    Making suggestions and proposing changes

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