Capítulo 05: La vida en casa


In Chapter 5 students learn how to identify the rooms and furniture of a house; how to describe tasks, hobbies, and interests; and how to describe one's reading habits.

What you can expect to learn

• Identify the rooms and furniture of a house.
    Parts of a house and furniture
• Describe tasks done in your room and house.
    The preterite of -car, -gar, -zar verbs
    Direct object pronouns lo/los and la/las
• Describe your hobbies and interests.
    The preterite of -ar and -er stem-changing verbs (eie / oue)
    The preterite of -ir stem-changing verbs (ei / ou)
• Discuss your reading habits.
    Irregular preterites: The Y Group

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Span2_3-Chapter-05b-Audio-Files (Actividades 5-3 to 5-17)

Span2_3-Chapter-05c-Audio-Files (Actividades 5-18 to 5-20)

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