Number Sense


Students will extend their knowledge of place value as they read, write, compare, and round numbers of up to 12 digits. They will build on their previous knowledge of writing numbers in standard, word, and expanded form as they write whole numbers and decimals in expanded form with multiplication. Students will review pre-algebra skills as they read, write, identify, and plot positive and negative numbers.

What you can expect to learn

Chapter 1 Objectives:

• Identify the repetition of the Ones, Tens, and Hundreds places in each period
• Read and write decimals and whole numbers with 12 or fewer digits in standard form, word form, expanded form, and expanded form with multiplication
• Identify the value of the digits in a decimal or number with 12 or fewer digits
• Round numbers to the place of greatest value or to a given place
• Compare decimals and numbers with 12 or fewer digits
• Plot and identify positive and negative numbers on a number line
• Write Roman numerals
• Explain how math is used to serve others

Activity List