Adjectives, Adverbs & Prepositions


Students continue to practice identifying adjectives and adverbs, including special adjective such as articles, demonstrative adjectives and proper adjectives. The comparative and superlative forms of adjectives and adverbs are emphasized. The use of prepositional phrases as modifiers is introduced, and the proper use of good and bad in their various forms is reviewed. 

What you can expect to learn

  • Identify adjectives and the words they modify. 
  • Write the correct comparative/superlative form of an adjective or adverb. 
  • Identify articles, demonstrative adjectives, and proper adjectives and the nouns that they modify. 
  • Identify the verb and the adverb that modifies it. 
  • Identify adverbs and the adjectives/adverbs that they modify in a sentence. 
  • Identify prepositional phrases and the nouns or verbs that they modify in a sentence. 
  • Identify whether a modifier is an adjective or an adverb. 
  • Identify whether a modifier is an adjectival or adverbial prepositional phrase.
  • Identify good as an adjective and well as an adjective or adverb. 
  • Determine the correct uses of fewer/less, between/among, and like/as
Activity List