Adjectives & Adverbs


Students review adjectives and adverbs and the words that they modify. Special adjectives and comparative forms of both adjectives and adverbs are reviewed. Coordinating conjunctions are studied, and the proper use of commas is practiced as well. 

What you can expect to learn

  • Identify adjectives and the nouns or pronouns they describe. 
  • Identify special adjectives such as articles, demonstratives, and proper adjectives. 
  • Distinguish between adverbs and adjectives and the words they describe. 
  • Identify adverbs that describe verbs, adjectives, or other adverbs. 
  • Use the correct form of adjectives and adverbs to compare. 
  • Identify coordinating conjunctions. 
  • Identify the words or groups of words that conjunctions join. 
  • Recognize that commas are used with conjunctions in a series and in a compound sentence. 
Activity List