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Welcome to AfterSchoolHelp, a free digital tutor powered by BJU Press that connects directly to our textbooks.

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BJU Press strives to promote academic rigor and critical thinking through innovative technological solutions, and we have created AfterSchoolHelp for Christian educators using our textbooks.


A digital tutor offers students and educators opportunities to further student understanding in difficult concepts. AfterSchoolHelp provides extra practice exercises that correspond directly with the wording and chapter numbers of BJU Press textbooks. Not only does AfterSchoolHelp offer extra practice exercises, but also videos chosen by BJU Press teachers, reviews, speed drills, and extra materials for each lesson. 

By using AfterSchoolHelp, students can strengthen their understanding of the concepts that they learn during their lessons, and AfterSchoolHelp can help struggling students to grasp difficult concepts by reinforcing instruction or by adding new elements to the way they look at the problem.

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Math Course

Covering subjects from Math 4 to Precalculus, our activities will practically increase your knowledge of popular math topics. 


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Language Arts Courses

Covering the topics of Writing & Grammar: English 4–12, our activities will practically increase your knowledge of popular language arts topics. 


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