Chapter 08: Food


In this chapter, budget amounts for food expenses are found, and the savings that are realized by buying store specials and using coupons are determined. Unit prices are calculated and used to determine the best buys by package size. Means of reducing food costs are discussed, and the payback period is calculated for buying and operating a freezer. The Consumer Price Index (CPI) is used to show the upward spiral of food prices over time, and CPI values are used to compare the spending power of food dollars in various years. Calories are counted for specific menus, and nutrition labels are examined for the recommended daily values of nutrients. Calories burned are calculated for specific activities, lengths of time, and body weights.

What you can expect to learn

After this chapter you should be able to
1. calculate the percentage of savings due to using coupons and shopping for specials.
2. find the unit prices of grocery items and use them to determine the best buy.
3. find the cost per serving for purchases.
4. calculate the savings due to canning and freezing, considering operational expenses.
5. calculate the cost of owning and operating a freezer.
6. use the CPI to compare the price of food from one year to another.
7. calculate the number of calories contained in a meal.
8. calculate the calories burned from certain activities.

Activity List