Basic Algebra


Basic concepts of algebra are reviewed, including expressions, properties of equality and inequality, simplification of expressions, and real numbers and their properties. These lead to the solving of algebraic equations, inequalities, compound inequalities, and absolute value equations and inequalities.

What you can expect to learn

After completing these activities you should be able to:

  1. Identify specific subsets of the real numbers and examples of each.
  2. Add, subtract, multiply, divide, and take the absolute value of numbers; and use these skills with the correct order of operations to evaluate numerical and algebraic expressions.
  3. Add, subtract, and multiply polynomials, and use the properties of exponents to simplify algebraic expressions.
  4. Solve equations by applying the properties of equality.
  5. Write equations that apply to a given word problem, solve those equations, and use them to answer questions.
  6. Solve inequalities by applying the properties of inequality.
  7. Solve compound inequalities (conjunctions and disjunctions).
  8. Solve absolute value equations.
  9. Solve absolute value inequalities.
Activity List