Capítulo 04: Mis antepasados


In Chapter 4 students learn about extending and accepting (or rejecting) invitations, describing events of yesterday, describing past events with one's friends and family, and describing who people were and where they went.

What you can expect to learn

• Extend invitations to friends and family.
    Accepting or rejecting invitations
• Describe activities and events of yesterday
    The preterite of regular -ar verbs
    Daily routines and the preterite
• Describe past events with your friends and family.
    The preterite of regular -er and -ir verbs
• Describe who people were and where they went.
    The preterite of ser and ir

Span2_3-Chapter-04a-Audio-Files (Diálogos)

Span2_3-Chapter-04b-Audio-Files (Actividades 4-3 to 4-15)

Span2_3-Chapter-04c-Audio-Files (Actividades 4-18 to 4-21)

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