Capítulo 07: Los servicios en la ciudad


Chapter 7 starts with a review of the preterite and introduces the second of the simple past tenses, called the imperfect. Students learn about medical and financial services, the market, leisure activities, and important aspects of the Aztec  empire.

What you can expect to learn

• Identify parts of the body and the five senses.
    Parts of the body
    The face and the five senses
• Describe physical problems to a doctor.
    Review: Regular preterites
    Review: Irregular preterites
• Identify banking terminology.
    Bank transactions and money
• Discuss personal finances.
    Financial habits
    Negatives and double negatives

Span2_3-Chapter-07a-Audio-Files (Diálogos)

Span2_3-Chapter-07b-Audio-Files (Actividades 7-6 to 7-21)

Span2_3-Chapter-07c-Audio-Files (Actividades 7-22 to 7-23; Ejercicio)

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