Relations and Functions


This chapter begins with the basics of graphing points on the coordinate plane, relations, and functions. Linear functions, their slopes, their intercepts, and their graphs follow in the middle of the chapter. The chapter concludes with problems involving direct variation and the graphing of linear inequalities.

What you can expect to learn

After completing these activities you should be able to

1. Identify the quadrant or axis on which a point lies.
2. Give the domain and range of a relation, determine whether the relation is a function, and find function values.
3. Determine whether a given point is a solution for a given linear function. 
4. Determine the slope of a line through two given points.
5. Find the slopes and intercepts of linear equations.
6. Find the constant of variation in a direct variation and solve related problems. 
7. Determine whether a given point is a solution to a given inequality and whether the graph of a linear inequality should include a dashed or solid line.

Activity List