Capítulo 11: Una tecnología sin fronteras


Chapter 11 introduces the last two tenses covered in this book: future and conditional. In this chapter the students learn future tense endings, uses of the future tense, and how to express conditions with the future tense (first conditional). They also learn the conditional endings and its uses. 

What you can expect to learn

• Express future plans, intentions, and outcomes.
    The future tense
    Irregular verbs in the future tense
    Uses of the future tense
• Predict what will happen in certain circumstances.
    The first conditional: Si + present-tense verb + future-tense verb
• Report what was expected, said, or promised.
    The conditional tense
    Irregular verbs in the conditional tense
    Uses of the conditional tense
• Explain what you would do in certain situations.
    Expressing a wish or what you would do

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