Linear Relations


Definitions of relations and functions and their domain and range are reviewed. After reviewing the graphing of lines, graphing concepts are extended to graphing and using constant, absolute value, greatest integer, and piecewise functions. Linear inequalities, distances, and midpoints are also covered.

What you can expect to learn

After completing these activities you should be able to:

  1. State the domain and range of relations, identify which relations are functions, and evaluate functions using function notation.
  2. Identify the slope and y-intercept of a linear equation.
  3. Write a linear equation when given the slope and a point on the line, two points on the line, or a point on the line and the equation of a parallel or perpendicular line.
  4. Describe the correlation of data.
  5. Find the function values of various special functions.
  6. State whether a given point is a solution to a given linear inequality.
  7. Find the distance or midpoint between two ordered pairs.
Activity List