After opening with a review of fractions and mixed numbers, this chapter covers equivalent fractions and comparing and ordering fractions. Students then review the four basic operations of fractions and mixed numbers. The chapter concludes with a review of these skills involving the order of operations.

What you can expect to learn

After completing these activities you should be able to

  1. Reduce fractions to lowest terms and to convert between mixed numbers and improper fractions.
  2. Determine whether two fractions are equivalent and to find the missing number in a proportion.
  3. Compare two fractions.
  4. Add fractions having either like or unlike denominators.
  5. Subtract fractions having either like or unlike denominators. 
  6. Add and subtract mixed numbers.
  7. Multiply fractions.
  8. Divide fractions.
  9. Multiply and divide mixed numbers.
  10. Apply the order of operations to problems with fractions and mixed numbers.
Activity List