Chapter 10: Acquiring Housing


The initial cost of renting an apartment is calculated, including security deposit and utility deposits. Refunds of utility deposits and saving to buy while renting are addressed. Buying a house is discussed, including the 2.5 rule of indebtedness, earnest money, and closing costs including paying points on a mortgage. Monthly mortgage payments are calculated and the impacts of monthly payments on a mortgage balance near the beginning and at the end are compared. Owner’s equity is calculated, and the issue of renting versus buying is addressed. Building a home is discussed as well as the need for scale drawings. Conversion of dimensions to a ¼" = 1' scale and vice versa is included, as is finding the acreage in a rectangular lot. The amount of roofing needed is calculated from the drawings, accounting for pitched roofs. 

What you can expect to learn

After this chapter you should be able to
1. determine what is affordable housing as a good steward of your resources.
2. calculate the cost of purchasing a home.
3. find the monthly cost of ownership.
4. determine the cost of interest over any portion of the life of a mortgage.
5. calculate the owner’s equity.
6. read and calculate scales on drawings.

Activity List