Capítulo 10: ¡Vamos de viaje!


Students will learn to make formal commands, begin to differentiate between por and para, and discuss daily routines using reflexive verbs. Audio files include dialogues about travel and asking directions, descriptions of missions trips, activities with daily routines and giving advice, and the pronunciation of l and ll and the -ine/-ina cognate family.

What you can expect to learn

  • talk about travel and travel arrangements
  • make requests and give instructions to others
  • express means, purpose, and intent
  • identify important people, places, and facts related to Ecuador
  • evaluate from a biblical perspective the philosophy of El buen vivir
  • talk about missions and missions trips
  • talk about daily routines
  • identify travel-related cultural practices
  • compare and contrast God’s justice with the guilt of human beings

Capitulo 10 Audio Files

Activity List