Capítulo 08: El mercado de la ciudad


Chapter 8 introduces the second of the Spanish simple past tenses, the imperfect. This chapter lays the foundation for students to narrate in the past. They learn to describe people, places, things, family memories, and background situations in the past using the imperfect tense.

What you can expect to learn

• Understand what is included in a mailing address.
    Postal addresses
• Describe people in the past.
    The imperfect of regular verbs (-ar)
    The imperfect of irregular verbs
    The imperfect of regular verbs (-er and -ir)
• Describe places and things in the past.
    Describing what places and things were like
• Describe memories and occurrences from the past.
    Narrating in the past

Span2_3-Chapter-08a-Audio-Files (Diálogos)

Span2_3-Chapter-08b-Audio-Files (Actividades)

Span2_3-Chapter-08c-Audio-Files (Ejercicios)

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