Capítulo 02: ¡A estudiar!


This chapter focuses on the classroom and introduces hay, articles, de for possession, and regular -ar verbs. Audio files include practice with classroom items and activities, numbers, possession, questions about school, and pronunciation practice with o and u as well as with cognates for musical instruments.

What you can expect to learn

  • identify basic objects in a classroom setting
  • identify to whom something belongs
  • count people and/or items in a classroom
  • describe classroom-related activities
  • identify Hispanic influences in the United States
  • describe basic characteristics of the educational systems in Hispanic countries
  • compare schools in Hispanic countries with those in your own country
  • explain ways in which the changes to the educational systems in Hispanic countries could provide new ministry opportunities 
  • contrast the immutability of God and His Word with human beings’ tendency to change

Chapter 2 Audio Files

Activity List