Capítulo 04: Le presento a mi familia


Students will learn words for family and professions. This chapter introduces possessive adjectives, ser with adjectives, adverbs of intensification, and hacer and salir. Audio files include dialogues and activities related to the family, descriptions of  characteristics and professions, exercises discussing daily activities, and pronunciation (syllable emphasis and the -ist/-ista cognate family).

What you can expect to learn

  • identify family relationships
  • describe people in your own family
  • identify family members’ professions
  • describe basic daily activities of family members
  • identify important facts about Mexico
  • evaluate from a biblical perspective the Spanish treatment of the indigenous tribes during the conquest of the Americas
  • describe characteristics of traditional and contemporary Hispanic family structures
  • compare traditional and contemporary Hispanic family structures with family structures in the United States
  • compare and contrast the love of God and the love of human beings

Chapter 4 Audio Files

Activity List