Capítulo 06: Los días festivos


This chapter, which focuses on special days, introduces verbs with an irregular yo form, indirect object pronouns, and estar for conditions. Audio files include vocabulary exercises, information about Christmas traditions and the quinceañera, descriptions with estar and ser, and pronunciation practice (the consonants b and v as well as cognates ending in -dad and -tad).

What you can expect to learn

  • talk about family traditions for various holidays
  • describe what people do at family gatherings
  • describe feelings and emotions
  • identify location
  • describe characteristics of people, places, and things
  • identify common holidays and celebrations in Spanish-speaking countries
  • identify key events from the history of the Spanish-speaking countries in the Caribbean
  • evaluate the spiritual and religious condition of the Spanish-speaking countries in the Caribbean
  • describe how a person can be saved

Chapter 6 Audio Files

Activity List