Capítulo 03: La farmacia nueva


Chapter 3 helps the students talk about the city. They identify key places in a city and learn to give and receive directions to get around the city. The second part of the chapter focuses on helping the students ask about ingredients in dishes on a menu and order their food.

What you can expect to learn

• Identify key places in a town.
    The verbs saber and conocer
    Places in town and prepositions
• Explain how to get around a city.
    Modes of transportation
    Verbs and prepositions of movement
    Stem-changing verbs preferir and querer
• Order a meal based on recommendations.
    The verb gustar
    The conditional form gustaría
• Ask questions about the ingredients in a dish.
    Foods and ingredients
    Table utensils

Span2_3-Chapter-03a-Audio-Files (Diálogos)

Span2_3-Chapter-03b-Audio-Files (Actividades 3-2 to 3-18)

Span2_3-Chapter-03c-Audio-Files (Actividades 3-19 to 3-21; Ejercicio)

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