Students continue to learn about action and linking verbs. Attention is given to the identification of predicate nouns and predicate adjectives, as well as prepositional phrases and direct objects. Students will learn about indirect objects, and apply the knowledge to the identification of several sentence patterns. Subject-verb agreement is emphasized, and practice is given in the usage of several confusing verb sets. 

What you can expect to learn

  • Differentiate action verbs and linking verbs.
  • Identify sensory verbs and forms of be used as linking verbs.
  • Identify predicate nouns and predicate adjectives.
  • Identify prepositional phrases.
  • Identify direct objects and indirect objects.
  • Identify and label several sentence patterns.
  • Identify adverbs that come between the main verb and the helping verb.
  • Use the correct verb form to agree with the simple subject of the sentence.
  • Use the correct verb form to agree in number with a compound subject joined by a conjunction.
  • Use the correct forms of sit/set, imply/infer, rise/raise, and can/may.
Activity List