In this chapter, students will review the customary units of length, capacity, and weight, and how to convert, compare, add, and subtract them. These skills will be extended to units of time and to metric units. The chapter concludes with lessons on precision and significant digits, time zones, and temperatures.

What you can expect to learn

After completing these activities you should be able to

  1. Convert between units of length, capacity, or weight; add or subtract these units; compare these units; and choose the most appropriate units for a customary measurement.
  2. Add and subtract units of time and be able to find elapsed times.
  3. Choose the most likely metric measurement.
  4. Convert metric units.
  5. Determine the precision of a measurement and determine a number’s significant digits.
  6. Identify the time in one time zone when given the time in another time zone.
  7. Convert between Fahrenheit and Celsius temperatures, and be able to choose the most likely temperature.
Activity List